What is Android Root? Advantage and disadvantage.

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  • March 28, 2019

What is android root?

Root is not just a root it’s is a master key of your android phone and you better know what is the use of a master key. Root can give access to your whole android system you can change it as well as replace it if you want. Root can give you the opportunity to do extraordinary think with your Android device like:- speeding up your device with overclocking it, change all look of the device with different themes, and most important thing you can switch your stock ROM into custom ROM as well as do much more thinks

Rooting of android means give root permission, root permissions is like who’s a permission that normal user can not reach it.

Some Advantage of rooting of  Android!

  1. Install a custom ROM:- rooted device has access to install a custom ROM in your device which means you can get new software. After root your device you can fastly upgrade to new version of Android updates.
  2. Uninstall pre-installed application:- if you don’t like some pre-loaded apps you can easily uninstall those apps and free up internal space. That’s mean your device can get more space to run the application. In other words your device more smooth like before
  3. Control CPU clocking:-after rooting of android you can increase and decrease your CPU clocking. Increasing of clocking speed, helps to get better performance and do multitasking smoothly. And decreasing of clocking speed can help to get extended battery life.
  4. Access root files:- After rooting of android you can access your system root files, this is files normal user can not see and access them. You can download a file manager who can give access to the root device can access his root files.
  5. Extend battery life and speed:- this is the best point of rooting of android you can install some apps who can optimize your phone just like greenify that app can optimize your phone and really extend your battery life and speed.
  6. Full backup:-you have unroot device then you can back up only your apps and some files. But if you have a rooted android you can take your whole device backup. In other words, you can backup your all data, apps, files, setting and also take data of your applications.
  7. Ad-blocking:- a rooted device have the power to block all types of ads doesn’t matter if it is a browser or apps ad. But unroot device didn’t have the power to block all ad.
  8. Install incompatible app:- I make sure you even see some app who’s not compatible for your device, but if you have a root device you have to power to access those apps who are not compatible with your device. And also installed some more powerful app who require root access these apps have more power and more stable.

Every coin have to side here is Some disadvantage of rooted android!

  1. Official update:- a very good thing for the unrooted device that device gets official updates who launce by manufactures. But the rooted device cannot get any official updates because of the rooted device listed as a rooted device.
  2. The possibility of attack viruses:- after root your device, you can open all ways of your device that is inviting virus to attack your device. Ex: if you download a port ROM then install it. That is possible to have some virus who can damage your device and steal your personal data.
  3. Poor performance:- some device has the problem of reducing battery life and performance because you can change your device directory or system files that why your device do some bad behavior
  4. A chance to hard brick:- if you miss any step to flashing zip or flash error or corrupt zip you will have more change to get the hard brick. Then you can go to your manufacturer service center and if they succeed to known about your rooting, then avoid your warranty and charge for fixing your device.
  5. Void warranty:- once you root your device then immediately you lost your device warranty. Then you can not claim any internal damage of your device and any software damage. And please do not try to make fool them they have some software and trick to find your device root or not

So here you have known about advantage and some disadvantage of rooting of any android device. Now you can device what you do with your device

Note:- root your device on your own Risk

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