Computer Shortcut Keys:- Use Keyboard Like A Pro

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  • March 22, 2019

Do you want to work like a pro?

Are you slower than your friends, office colleagues, etc. while you are working on your pc? Do you want to works like a pro on your pc? Then you are at the right place. Here in this blog, you will get some daily basis or important computer shortcut keys which helps to increase your working speed on your pc. You can save plenty of time by using these shortcut keys. It helps to make your work easier by eliminating the excess time of doing the same work with the use of the mouse.

What Is Computer Shortcut keys ?

In computing, a keyboard shortcut is a set of one or more keys that gives a command to the software or an operating system.

Shortcut Keys For Computer
Computer Shortcut Keys

They are usually an alternative means of implementing orders that would otherwise be accessible through an aspect of menu, mouse or user interface. These shortcuts can speed up common operations by reducing the input sequence of some keystrokes.

Why computer Shortcut keys is useful?

Shortcut keys are becomes very useful in case of when unfortunately your mouse has become dead. And you need to do some important work at that moment. But in lack of knowledge of keyboard shortcut keys you are unable to complete your work. If you know about the awesome computer shortcut keys than you are able to easily complete your work at a given time.

PC Shortcut keys
Computer Shortcut Keys

How Computer Shortcut keys helps to save time?

They are very useful since it increases our productivity by eliminating the time of bringing hand from keyboard to the mouse and mouse to the keyboard. In today’s competitive environment especially in the computer field, you should have to be professional and efficient in doing work on the computer rather than your competitors. If you wish to work in a computer related field it’s essential for you to be an expert in doing work on the computer. Because nowadays companies are also checking the way of using the computer of their employees.

Do These shortcut keys are useful?

Yes, Computer Shortcut keys become very useful. By using these shortcut keys definitely, your speed will blow up. You can easily impress your friends and colleagues by showing your speed of doing work on pc. You can show them easy shortcuts of doing the same work. So without wasting your too much time let’s see some important and daily basis shortcut keys.

These Computer Shortcut keys can provide an easy and faster way to use computer programs. These commands are usually used by combining alt key (on PC computers), command (on Apple computers), Ctrl, and Shift with one letter.

Shortcut Keys


  • File menu options in the current program
  • Edit options in the current program
  • Switch between open programs
  • Display help
  • Rename a selected file
  • Close the current browser window
  • Refresh the current program window
  • Create a new or blank document
  • Open a file in the current software
  • Select all text
  • Change selected text to be bold
  • Copy selected item.
  • Bookmark an open web page
  • Center alignment
  • Open find window for the same window
  • Change selected text to be in italics
  • Change selected text to be underlined.
  • Save the current document file.
  • Cut selected item
  • Cut selected item
  • Copy selected item
  • Paste selected item
  • Paste selected item
  • Redo the last action
  • Undo the last action
  • Insert hyperlink for the selected text.
  • Print the current page or document
  • Goes to the beginning of the current line
  • Goes to the beginning of the document
  • Goes to end of the current line.
  • Goes to the end of the document
  • Opens the Start menu.
  • Opens the Windows Task Manager.
  • Close the currently active program
  • Switch between open tabs
  • Open browser history
  • Open downloads history.
  • Open a New Tab
  • Close current tab
  • Search the web page
  • Jump to the address bar
  • Open clear data browsing window
  • Open recently closed tabs or window.
  • Go Fullscreen
  • Open the homepage
  • Go back.
  • Go forward
  • Refresh the current page or same window
  • Go to the beginning of the web page
  • Go to the bottom of the web page
  • Stop the loading of the web page.

Special Character

  • à
  • è
  • ì
  • ò
  • ñ
  • ä
  • ö
  • ü
  • ø
  • ß
  • Æ
  • ç
  • ¿
  • ° (degree symbol)
  • ± (plus/minus symbol)
  • ©
  • ®
  • € (Euro currency)
  • ¢ (Cent symbol)
  • £ (British Pound currency)
  • ¥ (Japanese Yen currency)
  • Add the current page to the bookmarks
  • Switch pages with their positions
  • Select at the end of the line
  • Highlights from the current position to the beginning of the line in the pages
  • Adds www and .com in the name of the website typed in the address bar. For example, type Frontinweb in the address bar and press Ctrl + Enter. It will autocomplete to

Shortcut Keys

  • Alt+F
  • Alt+E
  • Alt+Tab
  • F1
  • F2  
  • Alt + F4
  • F5
  • Ctrl+N
  • Ctrl+O
  • Ctrl+A
  • Ctrl+B
  • Ctrl+C
  • Ctrl+D
  • Ctrl+E
  • Ctrl+F
  • Ctrl+I
  • Ctrl+U
  • Ctrl+S
  • Ctrl+X
  • Shift+Del
  • Ctrl+Ins
  • Ctrl+V
  • Shift+Ins
  • Ctrl+Y
  • Ctrl+Z
  • Ctrl+K
  • Ctrl+P
  • Home
  • Ctrl+Home
  • End
  • Ctrl+End
  • Ctrl+Esc
  • Ctrl+Shift+Esc
  • Alt+F4
  • Ctrl +  Tab
  • Ctrl + H
  • Ctrl + J
  • Ctrl + T
  • Ctrl + W
  • Ctrl + F
  • Ctrl + L
  • Ctrl + Shift + Delete   
  • Ctrl + Shift + T
  • F11  
  • Alt + Home
  • Backspace or ALT + Left Arrow
  • Alt + Right Arrow
  • F5 or Ctrl + R
  • Home
  • End
  • Esc

Special Shortcut keys

  • Alt+0224
  • Alt+0232
  • Alt+0236
  • Alt+0242
  • Alt+0241
  • Alt+0228
  • Alt+0246
  • Alt+0252
  • Alt+0248
  • Alt+0223
  • Alt+0198
  • Alt+0231
  • Alt+0191
  • Alt+0176
  • Alt+0177
  • Alt+0153
  • Alt+0169
  • Alt+0174
  • Alt+0128
  • Alt+0162
  • Alt+0163
  • Alt+0165
  • Ctrl + D
  • Ctrl + 1 to 8
  • Shift+End
  • Shift+Home
  • Ctrl + Enter

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