What is Stock ROM? It’s Advantages and Disadvantages

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  • March 25, 2019

Hello guys, In this blog we know about What is Stock ROM? What are their advantages and disadvantages?

ROM contains default setting of your device. Which includes your device operating system. Some important codes of your phones Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and device radio. And some of the other setting to run your device.

What is Stock ROM?

Stock Rom is an operating system which set as default in your Android phones. These are developed by the manufacturers to attracts their customers. Every device contains their own unique and attractive features in their Stock Rom. It varies from brand to brand which specially designed by the manufacturers for every particular device. It is pre-installed in your device by the manufacturer at the time of buying your device. Some brands use google’s stock operating system while some used their own operating system to create a Stock Rom.

A Stock ROM based on the Android platform and its open source. Any developer can easily access the code and edit it, recompile it, and re-release it for another android as custom ROM.

It has limited customization and functionalization. But, If you want to use some extraordinary features, you need to switch to Custom ROM.

What is Stock ROM

What are the advantages of Stock ROM?

Battery Life:- Consumption of battery of your device depend upon the weight of your ROM. And Stock ROM consumes lesser power rather than Custom ROM. Manufacturers of the device sets the processor speed at a required state. Which consumes lesser power of your device. And maintain the battery life of your device.

Premium Features:- Every Stock ROM comes with some of the premium features like app drawer, launcher, etc. Which increase it’s uniqueness from other devices. But by flashing a Custom ROM these premium features are not port.

System Updates:- Device carrier automatically sends the updates to the device. You didn’t have any need to check update at a regular intervals.

Bugs Free:- No one wants bugs in their programming. Every time manufacturers of the rom try to keep their programme bug free. They test the program before it’s release. Companies are mainly focused on creating a bug-free program. That’s why chances of having a bug in Stock ROM is become lesser.

Still in Warranty:-Stock Firmware does not crack warranty of your device. This is one of the biggest reason users doesn’t want to switch to custom ROM. Rooting is important for installing custom ROM and Rooting immediately void your device warranty. But now some manufacturers of the Android devices gives still warranty after rooting of the device.

Pre-Installed apps:- Stock ROM comes with a lots of pre-loaded apps and features. And it’s enough to attract customers. Every brand has it’s own unique features which increase it’s importance. Like:- live wallpaper, calculator, etc.


System Updates:- When you are using a stock you need to wait a long for your manufacturer to send the update to get new and exiciting features in your device. And this is the most irritating process. After sometime they also stops sending the update. In that case you are stuck on the same version of your firmware.

Performance:- Manufacturer of a Stock ROM restricts its performane at a minimal state. Which limitise the performance of your device. Due to which, You have to face problems while doing higher level works on your device. Like playing higher graphichs game, etc.

Pre-installed apps:- It is the most unliked feature of Stock ROM. You can’t remove or uninstalled your manufacturer pre-installed apps and features. Which unwantedly fills your device storage.

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