What is domain pinger? It can index your blog

domain pinger is a process to index your site and new blog fastly and easiest way with less time. There are many sites who are providing this service they automatically create backlinks for your site or blog. They ping more than 2k different websites who give a free listing.

The advantage of domain pinger!

Suppose that you create lots of backlinks and submit lots of forum sites, directory sites etc but you can’t see any result (I am talking about indexing and cache of the site) then how were you feel think about! And another hand you can use a domain pinger site who can provide ping service free. pinger site gives you lots of free backlinks domain pinger site take less time to create backlinks.

How to use It?

You can simply open a site who can provide domain pinger service then copy and paste your site with HTTP or HTTPS then simply click on submit button if you can not see submit button you can a ping button then click on it and take a cup of coffee and wait until finish.

Why do you need to use ping service?

If you are using any SEO tool so u did not need to use domain pinger but wait to listen to me who can not grab extra money from the table? Yeah, this is extra money so I suggest you to grab your extra money from the table because domain pinger is like the extra money in the SEO sector.

Can I face any negative effect from domain pinger?

What happened If you irritate a person again and again ? …….. you right they can take action against you. The same case applies to this condition if you use domain pinger service again and again then it will harm your site. I highly recommended you cannot use pinger service again and again on the same site in less than 10 min.

Can I rank my site with the use of domain pinger service?

That service only helps to index your site they can not give you traffic and also you can not rank with ping service. If you want to rank your site go on Front In Web

Can I longer user domain pinger service?

If you are a new blogger who worries about indexing of your blog then you can use it otherwise if you are a blogger who can spend lots of time in blogging and have many blogs who is rank on any keywords then your blog automatically index in google do not worry about this but remember I tell you no miss the chance to grab extra money on table….

I have done my work now your turn to start your work go and use the site for better and stable indexing your site best of luck

If you face any problem comment below we will take it seriously and do something in your favor

List Of Domain pinger Free Sites To Boost Up Indexing

SL No.Ping SitesDomain AuthorityAlexa Rank
21Use Me22264,997
27Ping O Matics
1 3,434,339
28Excite Submit44169,578
29Ping My Links20218,170
30Ping My URLs10700,187