What Are The Backlinks? Help To Rank #1 In Google

As a online marketer you can understand the need of a website for your business. And you create a website for your business. Which shows all essential informations related to your business. But it’s not easy to show your business website on the top. Your rival businesses websites are already exists on the top of the different search engines. Do you wanted to show your business website on the top of the different search engines whichones a bigger example is Google. There are many different ways to show your website on the top. But Backlinks is the most effective way to increase your business presence.

Types of Links

There are two types of links. First one is outbound links and the second is inbound links which is also known as backlinks. Outbound links is transfers user from your website to another referral website. And in case of Inbound links user comes from another website to your website.

What are Backlinks?

It’s also known as an inbound link. It creates a way from referral page to the targeted website. It is very important for the ranking of you website. Because some search engines calculate numbers of backlinks on your website. And gives your website a place(ranking) on the page according to the quality and number of backlinks on your website. The website which have higher number of backlinks with good quality ranks on the top of the search engines easily. More backlinks give more population on the website. Many websites and Google also have a machine to discover how many backlinks of site or page has.


Why Backlinks are important?

Most of the search engines algorithms give rank to page or website based on inbound links of website. If another page with the same content ranks above of your page. Simply that site is more popular in compare of your website. Genuine link builds high-quality inbound links that play an important role to rank your site.

There are many ways to build large number of quality backlinks. Two or more business website get interlink their website pages to each other and provide quality inbound links to each others website. But first you need to know what is quality backlinks? Your website get the inbound link from another website and content of that website complimentary to your website. These inbound links are known as quality backlinks. But if your website get the inbound link from another website which content is not related to your website. These inbound links are not much important. Interlinking to other websites is the better way to get higher and quality backlinks.

What are the benefits of backlink?

It gives support to your website by taking traffic from another website. Which helps to increaes the traffic on your website. There are some benefits of having large number of quality backlinks on your website are:-

  • Build Brand Authority:- If you are taking backlink from a high domain authority website on your niche blog. The quality of that backlink is higher than other normal inbound links. Which helps to increse your page ranking. And it also helps to increase your brand authority.
  • Referring traffic:- Not every visitor visits on your website directly by searching a particular keyword related to your content on search engines. Visitors also lands on your website by clicking on inbound link created on another website.
  • Promotion:- If you have unique and high-quality content but it was fully useless without visitors. And by creating inbound links on another website of your content you are actually promoting your content. Which add additional number of visits on your websites. And number of visits on your website shows popularity of your website.
  • Directory and Resource links:- By doing directory submissions you can find the quantity of real traffic who can be interested in a particular topic. Then you can create a backlink on specific niche or micro niche topic. After that visitors can reach easily to your site by finding that backlink.
  • Creates New Relationships:- When you creates a inbound link on genuine site. Visitors on that site may visit on your inbound links and see your content. After seeing your content some of the visitors may starts following you on your facebook page, Instagram and other different platforms. This way you can create new and strong relationships with your visitors. It’s like SMO(Social Media Optimization) Relationship.

How Many Types Of Backlinks?

There are Two Major Types of Backlinks:-

  1. Do-follow Backlinks:- Do-follow backlinks allow all search engines to follow them and land on site. And visitors can also follow them and visit to the targeted page. Normally all links are Do-follow links unless they are modified to a no-follow link.
  2. No-follow Backlinks:- No-follow Backlinks:- No-follow backlinks are those links which did not allow any search engine to follow them. It is happen due change in the coding of the link. But visitors can follow them without any restrictions.

What is Link building?

Link Building

It’s also an important part of SEO(Search engine optimization). Link building is the structure of stage by stage Backlinks. First you need to create a higher number of backlinks on different websites for your subdomains. After that you need to create backlinks for your main website on your subdomain. This process is known as link building. By doing this you transfer traffic from different websites to your subdomain and afterthat traffic of your subdomain is transfers to your main website and this process transferring traffic is known as link juice.