What is React or ReactJS?

  • by frontinweb
  • June 2, 2019

What is react?

React or ReactJS

React JS is a component based JavaScript library, created by Facebook in 2011. React is one of the web’s most popular web development frameworks for building JavaScript applications. React is used to develop UI (User Interface) components. React is an impressive and chart-topping JavaScript library and it is growing fast in web development industries.

And if you are a beginner and you want to learn ReactJS then you must know about why we use react. The best thing of react is it is based on JavaScript. React is the view layer in MVC (Model View Controller).

Why we use react?

As you already know that it is a JavaScript library and the web browsers understand JavaScript so that react helps to create UI components for the web. You just need to illustrate the UI and react will helps to create the UI for your website.

Traditionally the web components are changed by JavaScript and HTML and it consumed lot of time but now we use react to change web components separately and with more speed.

And after learning react you can develop native apps for iOS and android by using react native.

  1. Easy to understand – If you know the JavaScript and html you can learn ReactJS programming.
  2. To build UI (User Interfaces) components for website.
  3. Its efficiency increases when it comes to displaying a huge amount of components.
  4. To build single page applications.
  5. To handle view layer for web and mobile apps.
  6. To create reusable UI components.
  7. It is faster in performance and scalable.
  8. Easy to create user interface test cases.
  9. One way data binding.
  10. It also helps to enhance the SEO services.

Features of React:

We learn more and more to complete the work in less time and in smart way.

And ReactJS has brilliant features and these features attract the developers to use the react. It renders the UI. The “render” function helps to create the UI on the web. The features are:

UI components

  • You can think of components as simple functions (in any programming language). We call functions with some input and they give us some output. We can reuse functions as needed and compose bigger functions from smaller ones.


  • A JSX file is a combination of JavaScript and HTML, which allows react developers to write HTML code directly into the JavaScript.
  • You can build the reusable user interface component because of JSX.

Virtual DOM (Document Object Model)

  • A virtual browser is many times simpler than the real browser. It works as a bridge between the original browser and developer, and it assists ReactJS by creating two versions of DOM.
  • It notes the differences and updates of user interface parts which are different from the original.
  • ReactJS developers are free to modify the user interface as per their own requirement. In Frontend, on the other hand, developers have to work according to the functions for their required components.


React native

  • It is also a framework that is used to develop native apps for android, iOS and windows platform.  React native is based on ReactJS. It is also developed by Facebook.

With the help of ReactJS you can make more innovative and productive web apps and mobile apps.


Some popular sites that uses ReactJS in their sites:

  • Facebook
  • Paypal
  • Scribd
  • Tesla
  • Uber

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